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Sunday 07 January 2024

Wellness resolutions for the new year

Have you ever promised to yourself that you will work out 7 days a week, go on a one month crash diet after the indulgence of Christmas and swear to yourself you will never eat desserts again? We’ve all been there! But some new year’s resolutions simply don’t stick. Here are some wellness resolutions for the new year that you will want to stick to.

Love yourself

Preventative Cardiology Specialist and author of Vitality: Healthy And Happy Heart,  Pranita Salunke  suggests that in order to have a better chance of success in all areas of life, you should spend at least 5 minutes a day looking in the mirror and affirming your self worth. By reminding yourself that you are worthy you stand a much better chance of happiness and self love.


Put pen to paper

Remember when you were in your early teens and you wrote in a hidden diary under your bed with a padlock on it and the key kept on your person at all times?! Well dust off that diary and get writing again because journaling has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety, enhance your memory and inspire creativity.


Try more plant based foods

Try swapping out the meat in your casserole for meat free chicken pieces or add more vegetables to your diet. You don’t have to go all out vegan, just simply swap a few of your ingredients twice a week for healthier options, or go vegan one night a week. Find some great vegan recipe ideas  here .

Get shaking those mocktails!

Kate Baily, alcohol addiction coach at  and co-author of Love Yourself Sober says that ‘Ditching the booze for a month will provide some great health benefits such as better skin, better sleep, increased energy and clarity, but the benefits of

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long-term sobriety will be life-changing’ If you can quit booze for a year this is great! However if you find yourself stumbling a week into dry January then try swapping out your Friday night glass of red for a delicious mocktail or an alcohol free beer. There are some great mocktail recipes to get you started here, and there are so many alcohol free beers on the market now – you are spoilt for choice!


Embrace your childhood hobbies

Remember as a child being engrossed in colouring in, drawing pictures or building Lego? Or maybe you just loved riding your bike or swimming in the pool? Take a look back to what interested you as a child and revisit those hobbies. Perhaps take up painting, model building, cycling or adult colouring. Enjoying once loved hobbies has been proven to improve your mental health and creativity, reduce stress and strengthen your relationships by enjoying a pastime with a friend or partner.

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